About Us

Every thing helps ..

       Hservices is a trailblazing software service company, with a strong belief - "smart work is better than hard work". We deliver optimized, style, bug free software services to customers, that highly engaged across computers and mobile devices, without losing features. we never compromise with quality of service, always seek out the full potential in every aspect of the product. After a glimpse of the demand in software industry, we started our company to build gap between customer and service.

We are into Web, Application, Android, and IOs Development.

Our Mission

To help our clients maximize life time value of their IT investment and improve their competitive advantage through improved productivity and efficiency while delivering measurable results.

Our Vision

To passionately satisfy our customer IT needs through high quality service and delivering superior value to all our stakeholders.

We Lead With Learning & Performance

Before anything else comes a passion for improving performance through learning. We start with the desired business change in mind and design solutions that have an impact. We ask our customers to judge us on the impact of our solutions - and we have great results.

We Live To Serve

Customer service is our obsession. We’re here to make our clients heroes. We work hard to understand the challenges our clients face and make them our own. We want our clients to have a great experience partnering with us.

We're A Quality Team

To provide a great service we need to employ great people. We have the most talented team in the business. We're focused on quality - in what we do and how we do it. They’re nice to get, but that’s not why we do it. We do it to get results for our clients.

We Stir Things Up

We constantly explore new ideas and ways of doing things. We are always pushing the boundaries. We also invest heavily in research and innovation and share the results.

Meet the Team

 we all come to work every day because we want to solve our customer problem in our chosen area of expertise. We want to excel in what we do and we also want our customers to excel in their business!

Sr Harsha Vardhan Medi

Founder & CEO

He is a Web / Mobile app developer and entrepreneur. Since 2008, he has founded several projects

"I think I have had the idea of creating something unique and inspiring since childhood."
Harsha has a proactive mindset and he is mad about everything related to extreme sports, especially relating to sky and height.
Responsible for:Web-development,Web-design and eCommerce,Project & Team Management and Business Project and Startup Development

Sree Sai Prakash

Vice President

He is full stack developer with few years of experience and good friend of Android and Technology.

"Tech people are nothing without an understanding of business goals."
Sai likes the challenges posed by the constantly evolving world of online marketing, but what he likes the most is solving them in a creative and unusual way.
Responsible for:Android apps,Web-development,Web-design,Web Advertising.